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Nia White Belt Sensation with Kinga Brezina

I am Brezina Kinga, international Nia trainer 2nd degree black belt. I have been dancing, living, and teaching Nia for almost 15 years. ​As the first and only Hungarian Nia trainer, I train future Nia teachers in Hungary. I wrote this post for those interested in Nia White Belt Training, summarizing the most important things to know.

 White Belt Training with Brezina Kinga, spring 2023
Nia Fehér Belt Training with Brezina Kinga, spring 2023

Art of Sensation White Belt with Kinga Brezina

Nia's teaching is based on a multi-step training program, the first part of which is the so-called White Belt, more precisely, the 'Art of Sensation - White Belt Training.'

I hold several trainings every year, both in person and online. The in-person training lasts six days, the online training lasts 16 weeks, and the number of hours, theory and practice are the same, which means 42 contact and 10 practical hours.

During the training, you will learn the 13 principles of the White Belt, the role of physical/bodily perception, how I transmit what I perceive, the 52 movements, and the opening of the body's inherent self-healing potential.

I hold the training in Hungarian and English, I give handouts, and the material is quite fresh. I held two personal trainings in 2023 spring and autumn, and I plan to do the same in 2024. :)

Nia Fehér Belt Training with Brezina Kinga, autumn 2023
Nia Fehér Belt Training with Brezina Kinga, autumn 2023

The training fee and what happens after the training is over

Since the Nia center is in the US, you have to pay the training fee in dollars ($1,599), half of which you can pay as a simple card payment to the Portland center at the time of registration, and I need the other half until the start of the training, to be paid to me as your trainer.

At the end of the training, you will receive an international certificate. Teaching is subject to a monthly license fee, which is now $29. By paying for this, you get access to the use of the brand name, choreographies, music, and teacher's materials.

If I have piqued your interest, visit the Teacher Training menu item, where you will find the dates of the upcoming White Belt Training held by me! The actual application form can be found on the central Nia Now website. If you have any further questions, feel free to search in the Contact menu! I look forward to seeing you!


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