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What is Nia?

Nia is a complex, sensory-based form of movement that uses elements of martial arts, healing movements, and dance, and encourages everyone, regardless of age or body type, to connect with their body, mind, feelings, and soul.

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How does Nia work?

At Nia classes, we dance barefoot to soul-stirring, varied music. Each Nia class is actually different, since the participants in the classes can adapt the movements and their combinations to the maximum according to their own physical, mental and emotional needs. Every experience that comes to us during Nia positively shapes the way we feel, think, and live.

How does Nia work? Nia is inspired by elements of Tai-Chi, Taekwondo, Akido, Jazz dance, Modern dance, Duncan dance, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method and Yoga. Each class offers a unique combination of 52 movements, working and reworking different parts of the body, core, core and upper limbs.

Since he focuses on his own, current physical, mental and spiritual state, one of his intentions is to get the most out of it, so even those who haven't moved in a thousand years can dance the moves with confidence, but those who face daily athletic challenges can also find joy in it. assert themselves.

Nia is more than fitness

However, Nia is much more than just holistic fitness. Its two most basic principles are the Joy of Movement and the Way of the Body. The Joy of Movement is the universal feeling that many of us last experienced in our childhood, when there was no purpose or intention to jump, run, spin, roll - it was simply good.


This intention guides us, Nia teachers, to bring this feeling of joy back into our bodies. Our primary source of pleasure is our body, our most sensitive sensor, how much easier would it be to return to it if something hurts or bothers us?

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