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Nia and Kinga

Nia is so much my own that when a former university classmate of mine came to my class and we talked afterwards, he suddenly said to me: "Kinga, I thought you invented this, because you always danced like that." The realization I received through my body and Nia was that if I care for it, respect it, love it, pay attention to it, it reveals a lot of knowledge and joy to me, through which I and my world can change. I believe and confess that my relationship with my body is the same with everyone else.

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Nia Blog

Nia Fehér Belt Training with Brezina Kinga

I decided to start blogging in order to involve you, dear interested parties, in the world of Nia as much as possible.  My first post is for those interested in White Belt training. Please welcome.

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Nia, the Dance of Life
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