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In Nia, you can move as you like

Two days ago I shared an Akram Khan thought on my personal FB page. It sounds like this:

"If we don't feel at home in our own bodies, we will never feel at home in the world we live in."

I really like one of the greatest contemporary choreographers of our time, I respect him immeasurably, while looking at many things a person cannot be further from me, yet we speak the same language, which is about dance and the body.< /strong>

She has been dancing since she was a child, I was an adult woman when I found my body back through dance and built the adult relationship I still have with her today. A few weeks ago, my gynecologist said that Kinga is ten years younger than her biological age. That's about how I feel.

The importance of movement

For a long time, I connected most strongly with the 8-year-old who read day and night, was able to read in the dark, even with the light coming in under the door, on the way home, on the bus, in the heat, in the by tram, anywhere.

Today reading is sacred time, your own time, however, my dance is yours, because I have known for almost twenty years that there is no safer place than my body, that it is it is a huge thing to live a life in a human body, and what movement means to the body and soul, and that a woman's destiny is not only about endurance, suffering and serving others.

Brezina Kinga, Nia
In Nia, you can move as you like

In Nia, you can move as you like

I'm teacher Nia, "just" Nia is a teacher. Not Teacher Nia and something else, no: purely Teacher Nia. All the tools are available to me in this form of somatic movement, which I can share with you so that you can live a full, free life.

In Nia, you can move as you like, this is how the movement will arrive (it was mentioned a lot, but who remembers what it is like) joy, the unhindered flow of vital energy, easier breathing, the soul spreading its wings.

Experience the change in Nia!

This month is the month of hatching, I already wrote to you yesterday, I announced special programs for this purpose along with the lessons. I am waiting for everyone with love, and with a special turn to those who have not only received great teachings, but also transformation in their lives in the last 12 months. You don't have to go through it alone, you don't have to pretend that everything is going on the same way.

What helps me is that I love, dance and experience change in every way. I can teach you this too, I can give you this completely so that you can be free - because Nia is a teacher, and I am only Nia teacher, yours.

I look forward to seeing you at my Nia classes and Nia events, either in person or online! There are many to choose from. :)


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